How much do tattoos cost?

How much do tattoos cost?

The Short Answer:

The cost of your tattoo depends on several variables like: tattoo size, artwork detail, tattoo placement, skin type, and color work versus black-and-gray work. For smaller tattoos, we will normally quote you a set price. For larger tattoos, your artist might quote you an hourly rate. Stop by the studio to discuss the details of your tattoo idea so we can quote you accurately. We don't generally give quotes over the phone or by email.  

Read 'The Long Answer' for details about your safety, pricing, deposits and appointments.


The Long Answer:

There are many factors that play a part in the pricing of a tattoo, such as:

• Who the artist is? 
Are they well-known, in demand? Do they have a long waiting list?

• Artwork/Tattoo size, style and detail. 
Tattoo size, artwork style, detail and artwork preparation are major factors in tattoo pricing.

• Tattoo Placement. 
Where on your body are you getting this tattoo exactly?  
Yes this is a major variable in tattooing, as some body parts are easier to work on—where other areas are more difficult and require more time and skill. 

• Geographic Location. 
Depending on what part of the world the tattoo studio is located will generally effect the price of a tattoo. For example, a tattoo done in New York or Los Angeles is probably going to be more expensive than one in a state where the cost of living is less. This holds true for all products and services.

• Cover-ups/Fix-ups. 
Is this tattoo trying to cover-up an old one or fix-up an existing one or an unfinished one?  
This requires great skill and planning to execute properly.

That being said. Each and every one of these variables is considered when properly pricing a tattoo from a professional tattoo artist/studio. One could use the analogy of a hair salon perhaps.
eg. Some hair salons charge $9.99 to cut and style hair, while others charge well over $150.

Here at Tattoo Alchemy we have established a reputation as an upscale custom tattoo studio. We feel our pricing is fair and reasonable considering we are altering your body for life, which in our opinion is a major responsibility and we should be compensated accordingly.  

We are by far not the cheapest studio on the block, nor are we the most expensive. 
You will have to see what works for your budget.

We have established a $100 minimum and generally try to "piece price" small and medium sized tattoos for you.  

In the event that you are considering a larger tattoo, such as a half sleeve, full-arm-sleeve, back piece, etc., we charge an hourly rate that varies depending on the tattoo artist. Our hourly rates here at Tattoo Alchemy start at $150 per hour, and go up from there.

If you are trying to stay within a certain price-range, please let your tattoo artist know and he or she can possibly work with you to accommodate your budget without affecting the quality of your tattoo design. This can sometimes be done by simplifying a design, making it smaller, etc.. It's important to remember that most tattoos are done in multiple sessions, this can sometimes help to break up the cost of your tattoo.

All tattoo services at Tattoo Alchemy require a *non-refundable deposit in order for an appointment to be scheduled and for our artists to begin drawing and/or preparing any artwork.

* All Services Require a Non-refundable deposit. No Exceptions.

We at Tattoo Alchemy consider the majority of our tattoo clientele to be that of body art collectors. Most choose us for the quality and style of our artwork as well as our expertise and medical grade cleanliness. 

Here at Tattoo Alchemy we do not play "the price game" meaning if you are searching for a tattoo based on price alone we are more than likely not the right tattoo studio for you.

We believe that everyone should be paid accordingly for the quality of work provided.

We feel we provide a high quality service and skill, as-well-as a pleasant experience that is worthy and well-justified. We take extreme pride in what we do as artists, but even more-so we take pride in our clients' satisfaction. 

Once again, the old adage holds true, "You get what you pay for". Especially with tattoos.

For general price inquires on full-body suits, full-arm-sleeves half-sleeves, leg-sleeves, back pieces etc.. please call to speak with an artist. Some tattoos require more time invested than others depending on the detail required.

Some things to ask yourself when price-shopping a tattoo.  
• Am I just paying for the tattoo service itself? Or am I paying for the whole overall experience as well?  

• Is it worth extra money to have a well established professional tattoo studio that has an A+ rating with the Health Department do my tattoo?  

• Is it worth more money to have a healthy, clean, sober, knowledgeable, highly-skilled and experienced artist that is on time do my tattoo?  

• Is this a piece of art I am getting and collecting on my body or just a night-out spur of the moment tattoo I might regret?


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